Stainless steel perforated plates are made of stainless steel material punching sheet. Adopt stainless steel perforated plate have numerous advantages, the main advantage is: smooth surface, smooth, beautiful, durability, has a wide range of uses.

stainless steel perforated sheet, stainless steel perforated plates

Stainless Steel Perforated Plates Uses:

stainless steel perforated plate and mesh can be used through the urban areas of highways, railways, subways, and other traffic environmental noise barriers of municipal facilities, building a wall, generator rooms, factory workshops, and other noise source acoustic noise reduction using sound-absorbing board, ceiling, wall panel can be used for building the sound-absorbing material, can be used for building staircases, balcony, environmental protection furniture decoration orifice plate, can be used to shield of mechanical equipment,

speaker net, food, feed, mines with grinding ore sieve, sieve, sieve, h kitchen equipment with stainless steel fruit blue cover, food, fruit tray, such as kitchen utensils and appliances, and shopping malls shelf, decoration exhibition platform, grain ventilation breathable mesh, football field lawn ooze water filter mesh. Mesh is widely used in the electronics industry, such as the sound of dust-proof enclosures, etc.

Características del Producto:

can, easy to process molding, spray painting or polishing, easy to install, attractive appearance, all kinds of thicknesses of the plate, a variety of selected aperture and arrangements, good sound-absorbing effect, lighter weight, long service life, precise dimensions

Mesh is widely used in chemical machinery, pharmaceutical equipment, food, and beverage machinery, cigarette machines, cutters, dry cleaners, ironing tables, sound equipment, refrigeration equipment, and central air conditioning) speakers, handicraft production, paper making, hydraulic accessories, filtration equipment, and so on all walks of life.

Punching Sieve Plate Type and Application:

punching sieve plate type sieve plate, stainless steel sieve plate, polyurethane sieve plate, steel wire is woven mesh sieve plate.

Sieve plates as rectangle, square, round, herringbone, bar type, narrow pore shape, rectangle, plate type, slotted hole, triangle hole, square hole, the plum blossom borehole, shells, scales, and other groove punching sieve plate

Punching Sieve Plate Scope of Application:

metallurgy (iron ore, limestone, fluorite, cooling blast furnace slag, coke, and other raw materials), color, gold, coal, chemical industry, building materials, hydropower engineering, abrasive, garbage disposal, quarry industry materials such as washing, screening, grading, deslagging, desliming, dehydration, and other machinery industry.

Punching Sieve Plate Functions and Features:

1, polyurethane elastomer sieve plate wear-resisting performance is good, service life is long, more than ten times the metal mesh, 3 to 5 times that of ordinary rubber sheet, 2 to 3 times that of stainless steel.

2, el costo de toneladas de mineral es menor que la red de placa de tamiz de metal.

3, wet resistance and wear-resisting performance are good.

4, absorción de impactos, reducción de ruido, más bajo que la placa de tamiz de metal (neto) 10 veces mayor que bb.

5, automatic cleaning is good, because of the characteristic of the polyurethane secondary vibration reason not plug the hole, and high screening efficiency.

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