Ways to Reduce the Loss of Vitamin C

Vitamins are a type of trace organic substances necessary for the human body to maintain normal physiological functions and play an important role in the body’s metabolism.

Because the human body cannot synthesize or the amount of synthesis is insufficient, although the amount is small, it must be supplied by food frequently. Vegetables can provide a lot of vitamins to the human body, so they are very popular.

According to vegetable experts, it is best to use a stainless steel knife to cut rapeseed, because vitamin C is most forbidden to touch iron. When vitamin C comes into contact with ironware, it will form small soluble monomers with iron ions, causing the loss of vitamin C. 2.0′> Check the damage condition of this batch of steel coils, claim compensation from the transportation company, and submit rectification requirements.

Many quality problems do not appear in the processing process, and some details that are usually overlooked, such as warehousing and transportation, can also cause quality problems.

The wooden frame used by the machining center itself should also be checked for damage frequently to prevent the wooden frame from causing quality problems due to too long time.

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