Tips on How to Maintain Household Stainless Water Pipes

Acero inoxidable pipes are used everywhere in daily life, such as decorative pipes for doors, windows, handrails, etc., and industrial pipes can be used for fluids.
Nowadays, stainless steel water pipes are used at home. If they are used for a long time, there will be a layer of floating layer on the surface of the water pipes. Only by daily maintenance can the water pipes be as beautiful as ever. Not only that but also save you a lot of money.

Tubo soldado de acero inoxidable, tuberías de agua de acero inoxidable

How should the water pipe be maintained?

1. Put soy sauce, oil stains, and other substances into the stainless water pipes as little as possible in daily life, because the two are prone to chemical reactions, which may cause the stainless steel water pipe to rust.

2. Antes de instalar la tubería de agua de acero inoxidable, primero puede cubrir la superficie de la tubería de agua con una capa de aceite vegetal y luego usar un fuego leve para secarla. El propósito de esto es prolongar la vida útil de las tuberías de agua de acero inoxidable y facilitar su limpieza.

3. If there are signs of rust on the outer surface of the stainless water pipes, it is necessary to apply stainless steel wax specially used for rust removal on the rusty area in time. After waxing for a period of time, it can be polished and cleaned. After washing the wax, the outer surface of the water pipe has changed its luster again.

4. En la vida diaria, trate de no golpear la tubería de agua de acero inoxidable con objetos afilados.

5. When transporting stainless water pipes, use things to pack and fix the water pipes to avoid collisions between the water pipes and other sharp objects, which will easily cause dents on the surface of the water pipes, which is not beautiful enough.

6. Once the outer surface of the stainless steel water pipe is scratched, you can use a dry towel to dip a little stainless steel care agent, and then wipe the scratched area, and lightly polish it with a sanding wheel until the scratch disappears.

7. One way to restore the surface luster of stainless water pipes is to use a soft cloth dipped in stainless steel detergent and smear it on the surface, and the water pipes will immediately become bright and beautiful. However, this method cannot be used frequently. If it is used frequently, the original luster of the water pipe may be difficult to restore.

It can be seen that the main use of stainless steel water pipes lies in daily maintenance. As long as they are properly maintained, your water pipes can be used for many years!

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